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Heart Disease Risk – Your Steps to Prevention

Medical science is still unraveling some of the hidden Heart Disease Risk factors. The good news is most risk factors are preventable. We take a look below at steps you can take to prevent the onset to Heart Disease.


By now, most of us know the major factors that increase Heart Disease Risk. Most of the problems are caused by narrowing of the arteries which are vessels through which blood is pumped throughout the body and brain. However, there is a lot you can do to minimise your Heart Disease Risk. The pharmacist at your local Star Discount Chemist can help. Depending on your personal circumstances, here are a few tips and suggestions they may recommend.”


Stop Smoking Now!

Smoking quadruples you Heart Disease Risk! Toxic tobacco smoke chemicals in the bloodstream damage the arteries, increase blood cholesterol, increase fibrinogen levels and raise blood pressure. Ask our pharmacist to advise the best ways to quit smoking. If you are taking cardiovascular or diabetes medication, please check with your pharmacist first.

Achieve a Healthy Weight

Obesity puts the heart at great risk. Visit our Lose Weight section in your local Star Discount Chemist for a range of options to help reduce weight. Some are available only on prescription from your doctor, some work on meal replacement. Others have an effect on the gastrointestinal system, letting you know when you’ve had too much fat. Whatever product you chose, ask for the evidence that it works and that it is safe for you. Remember, to lose weight and keep it off, here are some key truths; There are no quick fixes, you can’t do it alone, you need support.

Reduce Stress

Under stress, the body undergoes a “fight or flight” response, which provokes a temporary increase in blood pressure. The heart beats faster, arteries constrict and heart rhythms may become abnormal. This, in turn, may lead to palpitations, hyperventilation, chest pain and even a heart attack.

How can you help yourself deal with stress?
  • Recognise stress triggers.
  • Reduce triggers or find other ways of dealing and thinking about them
  • Find relaxation techniques or physical activities that work for you

Take your MedicineHeart Disease Risk

Always have regular check-ups with your GP, check your blood pressure and cholesterol regularly. Our pharmacists can assist with blood pressure checks. Consider taking Coenzyme Q10* (100mg) every day. Omega 3 fish oil* as a daily supplement may help to maintain a healthy heart as they inhibit blood clotting. Check with your pharmacist if taking antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications, or if you have a bleeding disorder. Garlic* capsules daily may reduce total blood cholesterol and slightly lower blood pressure. Multivitamins* take one daily to boost nutrients if deficient.

“Remember, before adopting any of these tips, it is important to consult a medical professional for advice. Your pharmacist at your local Star Discount Chemist can assist with the options that best suit your current situation, health conditions and existing medications. We’re here to help and remember, we are just around the corner”.