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Professional Medication Management Service

Peace of Mind with Medication Management with Webster-pak® Solutions

Many people follow daily routines of taking numbers of pills and capsules in the right combinations, at the right time. In fact, “One in two older people fail to take their medications as prescribed, meaning they don’t get the life-saving benefits from them or suffer unnecessary side effects. And all this is easily preventable,” says Gerard Stevens Managing Director of Webstercare. The pharmacist at your local Star Discount Chemist can help, depending on your personal circumstances, here are some medication management options they may recommend.

Why Webster-pak®?


Webster-pak solutions give independence, freedom and quality of life to the client, relative, carer and loved ones.
Taking medication as prescribed is vital, but can be a challenge when managing multiple medications. Missed or incorrect doses can result in health problems, falls, hospitalisation, adverse effects, even death.
Webster-pak medication systems reduce these risks by helping improve compliance.

How does it work?


Webster-pak options set out all the tablets and capsules needed for each particular time of day, for each day, to ensure that people take the right medication at the right time.

The pharmacist at your local Star Discount Chemist provides this professional service. The pharmacist manages and dispenses your prescriptions. The medications are then dispensed into a Webster-pak blister. The pack is sealed creating a stable storage environment and prevents medications from spilling or being mixed up.

The pack clearly shows the dosage times throughout the day and lists all contents as well as other current medications. This provides vital information for medical practitioners, hospital or emergency staff as well as family, friends and carers. The Webster-pak folder has the most up-to-date list of the medicines being taken.
Every day, at the right time, you simply push the blister’s contents through the foil backing or use a Pil-Bob to pop out the pills.

Why does it work so well?


  • Webster-pak is simple and convenient to use
  • Improves compliance by taking the right medication at the right time
  • Provides a visible reminder to take the medication
  • Visually easy to check whether medication has been taken
  • Suitable for all age groups – school children, workforce, elderly and young at heart
  • A professional service provided by your pharmacist
  • Communication tool between your health professionals; doctors, community nurses
  • Peace of mind for relatives, carers and loved ones
  • Added convenience when travelling overseas, including a list of all medications being carried


Pop into Star Discount Chemist and speak with one of our friendly pharmacists to find out more on how we can offer you peace of mind with our professional Medication Management Service.